Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The Australian captain was crestfallen after a pivotal moment



peacay said...


boynton said...

I'm crestfallen too.

Yes. Despite
a) not barracking for the Australians at the outset
b) trying to ignore the series
c) and not really having to feign indifference for the first couple of tests
d) not having being particularly supportive of Ponting

- I was won over to the old charms of cricket, despite everything.
And found it all rather tragic,as far as last days of a cricket match go.
And am feeling both sympathetic to Ponting, and admiring his spirit and sportsmanship.

Tony said...


peacay said...

Well, I lost most of my admiration and care somewhere around the time Warney was first caught sexting (or maybe it was when he joined the team). In a few years we'll look back and see this as the era of arrogance and relegation to 4th place in the world as just des(s?)erts. Ponting belongs to that smug, sledging anti-hero steaming pile and the sooner he's gone the better. He can apply a cash poultice as a dressing to his wounded pride.
I was with you to d) Miss B, but didn't quite make it to e) despite having some vague interest during the last 2 days.

boynton said...

Yes, I'm surprised to find myself disagreeing with you about Ponting, because until this Test I would have been in complete agreeance
about the smugness and sledging.

But he had a nightmare of a test and (seemed to = as seen on TV)endure the slings and arrows with courage and grace.

A few of the younger players seem to signal a generational change in attitude? Who knows.

R.H. said...

Enormously disappointing. I think they could have done it.

R.H. said...


He made an error, but is still an amazingly good cricketer, and those howling unsporting albino pom spectators would test anybody.

Well done old boy.

Dick said...

As a pom spectator of quieter mien and darker hue, I'll just tiptoe away from this dignified acknowledgment of honourable defeat.

boynton said...

Ponting hit the nub of the problem at Edgbaston when he wrote in his newspaper column about how nice it was to see supporters of England and Australia gathering together to build snakes from empty beer glasses Times

If commercially sponsored crowd boorishness is to be part of the landscape then I wouldn't underestimate Australia's chances in securing the world title at some stage.

(I guess I should have said "Well played, England" too, Dick).

R.H. said...

Booing seems normal during a game but I don't remember it ever being done here during a presentation at the end.
Even in the smelly suburbs we were taught you don't kick a man when he's down, but that's changing too.