Thursday, May 07, 2009


things on twitter:
There are networks, albeit very informal ones, that exist within this quasi-public realm, a secondary strata of commentary and connections that binds together those who place most emphasis on the binding, if you see what we mean. In other words, twitter and its ilk have become a self-perpetuating network that somehow pulls content out of perpetual distraction.


Tony said...


boynton said...

- though not precise enough for a tweet. (Eighty characters too voluble)

(Not a criticism, just another observation about the parameters from the sidelines)

Ann ODyne said...

Tweeting is just too hard, and I am irritated by constant Follow requests from people I dont know.

I'm sure though, the 140-character thing will soon be named Tweeku.

I do however like reading the celebs tweets: the Burn Notice guy has been sick, RustyRocket is doing hid own stunts in current filming, and I follow Jack Cheese aka Basil fawlty.
Online news today re Fawlty Towers
(thanks Daily Mail) entire cast together for photo op, and Jack reveals he has framed the letter of rejection from the BBC
"this show will never work" etc.
His ex Connie Booth looked glum, and Sybil needed to be reminded why they were all together again.

well this off-topic chat has been nice, I will finish by letting you know that you haven't lived till you've lived in Werribee.

genevieve said...

That's a fine mag you are reading there B. Trying to decide whether to subscribe to Mr Barrie as well.

genevieve said...

Didja see my bewdy title this week for my news post, BTW, didja, didja?

'Tweet Renga'
I wonder if it will start (or finish) a fashion.

boynton said...

Ao'D. Werribee:please expand.

G: Barrie's great. And a constant stream of good things at Things,
and the commentary on this digital life is always illuminating.

That title is excellent. And the post was full of clickables.

Ann ODyne said...

That Twitter remark was not a case of me = haughty, but of fear. It's creepy to be targetted by some ning-nong who wants 589 'Followers' who don't even know the requestor.

Scarybee is where I am house-sitting. 3 lovely pets, pleasant house, attractive Court address, BUT beyond the corner of the Crt., is terrifying. Alien territory.
Cars with vanity plates like 'CRUPT', total-wreck houses with two brand new gleaming Mercedes in carport, cause me to suspect illicit income.
I have to walk the dogs, else I would remain indoors.
peace and love ...

genevieve said...

They can't exactly run a clickable within the text of a tweet, can they? I haven't tried, but it looks like nobody does much. Or do they? happy to be corrected.

iODyne said...

Yes Genevieve - they are called tinyurls although I have not done one. My tweeting group is Other Bloggers I already knew, plus I subscribeto some celeb tweeters.
@aplusk is Ashton Kutcher and he nearly always has a link in his tweets.
I am @Bwca and here is a paste from my feed - 2 Melb bloggers and Kutcher witha link:

armagnyStunned, Swan did surprisingly well #ausbudget09
about 1 hour ago from web

shauncSo next year, can we nominate who goes into the Budget lock up and the vote if they are ever to be released?
about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck

apluskwhy travis pastrana kicks ass?
about 2 hours ago

boynton said...

I didn't read it as haughty, Ann.
I had one stranger follow me when I first opened the account, must have been an auto thing. Now no-one follows me so I'm twittering into the void.

the tinyurl to save characters is an indication that the link is not the thing? I did see a thing on how to embed videos and tweak tweets, but regular canine obs. will do for me for now ;)

That's fascinating on scarybee.
Worthy of a post? Was thinking of melb suburbs as I read that K'syth (where I grew up) was just named Australia's happiest. Very strange.

genevieve said...

the tinyurl to save characters is an indication that the link is not the thing?Is what I am thinking too. May set up a clandestine account and have a peep at the text editor.
This from the website:
'Twitter's core technology is a device agnostic message routing system with rudimentary social networking features. By accepting messages from sms, web, mobile web, instant message, or from third party API projects, Twitter makes it easy for folks to stay connected.'
They do talk further in the FAQ about incorporating more features in the future. Maybe including links behind characters will be considered then if it's not a feature now.
Mainly thinking about all this, of course, because it is such a finely calibrated feature of your own blogging, B.

boynton said...

device agnostic...
"A software component (or other entity) that is unaware or noncommittal regarding the specific nature of the components with which it interacts" wikiis one twitter-agnostic, or socially-agnostic too?