Monday, April 06, 2009


Hey there! pooter2009 is using Twitter.

For this year's reboot of, I've given Charles Pooter a Twitter feed.
As Above


BwcaBrownie said...

I didn't know about Nobody diary.
I comment at his Little Man blog though. I don't tweet much, but I do read tweets.

BwcaBrownie said...

it would be better not to rely on memory for URL of Little Man What Now?.

Thank you for pooter09 which led me to his Dell Mini story which led me to FotoFlex and solved an issue we mini laptoppers have with photoshop.

boynton said...

- there are always good links to follow at As Above I've only just caught up with that netbook story myself.

-as well as all the wonderful stuff her creates. I love the Pooter09 at Twitter. That might be enough to make me tweet.

Nabakov said...

My favourite Pooter line.

"I left the room with quiet dignity but tripped on the carpet on the way out."

boynton said...


the latest: "Spent the whole day at the office sneezing." is pretty good too.

I was going to say that everybody's nobody on Twitter, but then not everybody has somebody's turn of quiet phrase...

Ann ODyne said...

when I read @Pooter's personal-health update, you laughing was my first thought.
he will be buying a mask next.