Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Caught up with the SLV exhibition Victorians on Vacation
at Mornington, which was a great place to see it, being on vacation (sic)*
There were two other people in the gallery in the two hours it took me to process all the data. Afterwards, we studied the local dogs running freely in a fenced paddock outside the gallery. Everything becomes fauna en vacance.

* Shame they traded americanism for alliteration.
They coulda gone with eg. oz on oliday


genevieve said...

oliday, it would be so noice.

Anonymous said...

That would be what some people call "Dropping the Haitch."

boynton said...

it was a jolly oliday

I wish their were nicknames for Vic in common parlance. It would add to the alliterative possibilities. ( mexicans doesn't cut it for me)

very noice exhibition btw - I loved it.

boynton said...

I'd prefer a dropped haitch to a full pitch?

boynton said...

OT - have had to restore the Pop-Up comment box here, as the (apparently Correct Blog Style) Embedded Commenting seems to have trashed the 'trash can'* icon.

or should that be 'rubbish bin'?

iODyne said...

The Land Of The Long Weekend.
My opinion is that their Americanisation is unfortunate.
Doing it again would be carelessness, though I wish I had seen it.
The 'John Lennon' exhibition at Ballarat Fine Art Gallery is not worth the trip up the highway.
tres ordinaire.

boynton said...

It's on at Mornington till 12/4?
Or is that 4/12?

I saw a plug for the JL exhib on ABC news the other night. I thought of making the trek.
(Though it did seem to be a story to balance the recent pro-Bendigo-Gallery bias of the ABC.)

Ann ODyne said...

the BallGall JL thing would only impress those with no prior knowledge of him at all.
There are some newsreels running in an area with chairs, every album cover in chrono order, the actual photos are all candid, amateurish, and the notes on each item are infuriating, defini9tely not written by a contemporay of JL.
Yoko features.

boynton said...

The running newsreels in areas with chairs is an interesting gallery phenomenon.

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...

Ann ODyne said...

Oui le phenomenome.
The Bendigo Galerie Frocks Francaise had les chaises avec le cinemes aussi.

The Lennon newsreels were unsettling - the press so antagonistic, and confronting, demanding he justify his existence (when they could not justify their own).

Some of the photos are of WINGS with Linda and the kids. That Stella has always been a sulky piece and it's a mystery to me how she is lauded for her 'designs', then again her big client is Madge Penn Ritchie, who nudges Jagger as the worst-dressed rich-person.

boynton said...

Yep, I've always found those newsreels unsettling