Friday, February 27, 2009

dog friendly

i regret getting red gravel pebbles - hard to clean and now we have to partition that area off ,too(by the fence it is)
theyre good for security as they crunch underfoot but ive never been able to keep the dogs off it because like most dogs they like to run the perimeter of the property and check things out
ive never worried about where the dogs toilet because there is a lawn area they use but one or two ofthem like to sneak off to the gravel area and its a pain picking up their waste with pebbles attached
i reckon we should have just concreted - easier to clean
- dogz forum: Designing The Dog Friendly Garden


Lunar Brogue said...

A pain I reckon,
picking up their sneaky waste
with pebbles attached.

Concrete's the go,
less crunchy but easier
(I regret) to clean.

boynton said...

I knew there was poetry to be extracted in that one.

otoh - was thinking, it would be a stretch to write dialogue as well as that, with the vernacular in tact.

takes me back to the lawnmower forums

Lunar Brogue said...


(The lawnmower forums.)

Idioz: nifty, flamin' (inc. apostrophe), old girl.

Idiog: :eek:

boynton said...

As far as ef words go, there is much more power in flamin' these days.