Thursday, January 29, 2009

heat waves

In an era without refrigeration, air-conditioning or effective sanitation, and with polite dress being thick, three-piece suits and long skirts, the effects were traumatic. Ice-works worked flat out to try to keep up with demand
1908 heatwave BOM
Stock collapsed and fowls dropped dead in the blistering heat at Sea Lake
1939 Black Friday ABC
...Clerks and typists ate ice-cream at work. Some girls fainted on their way to their offices
Black Friday

Incidents of the hot season


Link said...

Damn, it didn't say at what temp stock start collapsing. Luke the hot weather part Arab seems to standing up reasonably well, but he is long suffering. Shep doesn't seem to notice the flies the heat or when it used to happen the pouring rain. 140 year old Oedipus has been coming to work with me and sleeping under the desk in air-con surrounds, (with a bevy of resident black labrador/seals.) Puss-Kat gets under the house, but unfortunately so did the goanna, so its not a particularly restful there.

boynton said...

Must be a worry for people with stock and large domestic animals, glad yours are all ok.
I saw Laura @ LP reporting birds falling from sky yesterday.
I'm refilling the bird bath regularly - for the mynahs and pigeons- the 4 maggies have deserted...
radio reports of possums falling out of trees...
No goannas here, and I'm assuming no rodents (touch wood).

genevieve said...

I feel sorry for the ants whilst driving them out of my house.
Will put some water out tonight for birds.

boynton said...

the ants haven't driven by here yet.