Monday, December 08, 2008

cocktail types

More from the LIFE photo archive...
Tony Randall impersonating

cocktail party pests.

the joker, pouring beer in martinis.

"The Thinker"

the confider.

the indestructible, eternal college man.

the non-drinker


Anonymous said...

More milk, please. With Ovaltine, if you have it.

boynton said...

And at midnight he turns into the most popular man in the room, Des Ignated Driver.

TimT said...

Though wasn't this from the pre-booze bus era, 'point oh five? Let's drink and drive!'

I did a little digging and just re-discovered the blog Earwig Sandwich (that you mentioned on Saturday) with proprietor Lulu Labonne, who was so kind to visit my web premises the other day.

boynton said...

Quite. Though perhaps they are from the Weblog era, because they also look like "Blogger Types" to me, or even "Commenting Types", hence my category label.

Thanks for the digging!
ES is a great discovery.
(I've added it discreetly to my links but may yet do the pointing post. Cheers.)