Monday, November 17, 2008

mud cintury

and speaking of mid century interiors


Tony.T said...

Wellington? A wee way away, bro.

boynton said...

Yes, Welly

it looks slightly better in AUD.

(and didyouknow according to wiki, Lower Hutt is home to the worlds most southern American Football team, the Protein Cookie Spartans.[citation needed])

genevieve said...

You worked out pretty quickly that they were South Africans - must be that telltale expression, 'come with'??

boynton said...

Actually I was referring (badly) to en zed-ese.
(I realised at the time that my rendering of nz vowels was nqr, but alas, couldn't find a web generator to auto-translate)

Mud (which does indeed sound seth efrican) should be more like m'd, I guess, in the absence of phonetic sympbols.

Juke said...

I'm thinking the Protein Cookie Spartans might need more than just a citation.

boynton said...

griddle iron

Ann ODyne said...

Pi Klet Baka Capper ?