Thursday, September 04, 2008


Foxy Lady To Guard Henhouse? Say NO
Palin’s record on issues related to energy and the environment

Prodem at Zazzle

Aerial Wolf Gunning 101


Link said...

She deviated from the script to let us know what she really is. A pit bull. An American, pit bull-- the nastiest.

Link said...

I like the wolf stamp. Can I copy it for the sidebar?

boynton said...

If you click on the pic it takes you to the gallery of zazzle stuff.
But wait: there's polar bears too.

I've added another link below to make it a bit clearer...

Lord Sedgwick said...

All a moot point I suspect.

Would have been a moose point, but Palin has apparently personally and ballistically disposed of most of 'em.

Seems like our Sarah has been goin' full bore elk for leather.

Did I just - or unjustly - say that?!

Apparently I did.

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Juke said...

It's who, or what, she works for that is the real threat.
Something that hates life.
Even while it makes all those cutesy baby noises, and smiles and gleams in physical health
Lucky somewhat for you folk to be antipodeally removed.
Whereas here...
Owoooooooo. Yip yip, owoooooo.

boynton said...

Yes and how much can a polar bear...
(mea and austentayshus culpa)

Yip yip...