Monday, April 28, 2008


I've been in the reading, not posting lurking mode, which means an accumulation of things seen, and a couple of musings on the nature of blogging (by two of the finest) were noted:

...the ausblogosphere is simply not one sphere at all. It’s built like a minimally overlapping bundle of 3-d venn diagrams. We all form our own clusters and tend to think of the one we live in as the ‘real’ blogosphere. When all the time there are dozens of other gangs rubbing along out there just as self-sufficiently. It’s not just generic clusters either. There are christian knitters and lefty knitters, diy aestheticians who are more interested in the concept of knitting than in extreme technical proficiency; conservative and progressive lit bloggers; and there are people who just blog about whatever but run together because of temperamental affinities
Laura at Troppo

...fortunately one of the beauties of blogging is in the delicate balance that one can maintain between self-presentation and the cerebral.

But whatever the nature of that balance, a sense of common cause and fellow feeling is what motivates the interaction between bloggers. There will be, at the least, a seepage of data from even the most tight-lipped of writers and with those a little more ready to transmit the odd signal or two, much will go inferred by a reader on the same general wavelength
(something of an aside in a post concerning the most fundamental verities that drive my life forward, but I love that phrase: "a seepage of data")


Ann ODyne said...

yes, a seepage of data.

thanks to Laura I now know what 'an intensifier' is, and that I should resent most of them ... "a saucy minx" indeed. as if there is any other kind.

"run together because of temperamental affinities"
nailed it.

Nabakov said...

"run together because of temperamental affinities"

Like bumping into someone at a party who shares your love ofChesley Bonestall (and has there ever been a better named artist for their chosen material?) and not having to clean up the next day.

boynton said...

Saucier minx, intensifier?

Best name.
Hope the best china is tied down.