Monday, December 03, 2007

retro metro

Further to abandoned post from early October.
It was going to be a big sarsy post on Melbourne, memory, history and nostalgia (# 233)

from Graham Kennedy's Melbourne Nelson 1967

I watched The King on TV recently, and it was pretty good.
But Biopics always seem ...
The mood of the times is greater than ...
Post-war Melbourne can seem like a Retro Chrysler

(I've cut all metaphors but the link. Here the post became bogged in outer suburban roads of greater childhood memory. eg:)

... but TV stars were BIG in the 50's and 60's. They lived above us, glamorous, and made fleeting forays with footballers into the suburbs to open shopping centres.


Ann ODyne said...

"TV stars were big in the 60's"

1. Gra wasn't called The King for nothing.

2. 'teen culture' had only just begun it's impact in Australia.
Everything was so very very different then.

boynton said...

and the trouble with biopics is that the retrospective view is too cool, too jaded.
And they miss the foreignness in the past country, beyond the externals.
(the oz drama The Shark Net was good at capturing impressionistically the colours of the decade, without glorifying it as quaint)