Thursday, August 09, 2007

dental tv

More dental as

Remember: the television is there for you.
said my dentist, as I stared up at Foxtel on the ceiling.
Is this OK?
It was Chefs in a kitchen so I said yep casually before my mouth went numb,
Because talking Chefs in a kitchen seemed innocuous enough, despite the dollop of reality-tv competition, British not Iron.
But then suddenly it was all about meat.
And not in a discreet ingredients way, but MEAT, the full-on butchery thing with slabs and lumps and rumps and sides of MEAT in Catering quantities.
And close ups of chefs carving into carcasses was not the most relaxing thing.
I squirmed. The dentist looked up and went into emergency mode -
Turn it off, turn it off! he said to the assistants,
who had to leave the proceedings to fetch the remote.
What do you want? History?
I think I nodded.
Because it was all Pocahontas from there.


Lunar Brogue said...

Mediaeval Meat Part 1: The Subtleties of Pagan Slaughter.

Tudor Meat Part 3: Henry VIII's Appetite for Small Forest-Dwelling Animals (and Just About Anything Else with a Pulse).

Victorian Meat Part 2: The Suggestively-Shaped Sausage Prohibition.

But, anyway, shouldn't you have had control of the remote?

Anonymous said...

The wurst jobs in history?

Ideally the patient should have control of the remote.
But a nervous patient (for example) might change the channels unwittingly, mashing history with rugby and Arnie.

Anonymous said...


what happened to photos of calming scenes like green forests which make you dream of Robin Hood?

Harley said...

ah, thanks for the first belly laugh of the day, Miss B.

boynton said...

Forests with Gums?

I agree 3c - an oldskool pic or mobile might be more calming than foxtel. I wanted Sky through the window but the blind was drawn.
And kinda glad Robin didn't find his way onto the History Channel.

cheers, w1.

Tony.T said...

When I'm in Dr Tooth's rocker recliner, all I can focus on is the sucker going glugga lugga lugga slurrrrp.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard to get dentists to open the window blinds? Is there some vampiric quality to their art that would implode under sunlight?

boynton said...

Maybe it's a glare thing?
My dentist has recently moved to a swish new building.
But the surgery itself only has a small high window. This does afford a view of a Gum tree though - and I certainly would prefer to gaze at that than effing foxtel.
(I suspect though, that if I asked for that channel, (the blind up) they'd be accomodating.)