Thursday, April 19, 2007


All you need to do is press the button and keep pointing it at the TV until it turns off (which may take up to 69 seconds). The next 69 seconds will be spent quietly, or not so quietly, enjoying the perplexed expressions of the TV automatons
TV-B-Gone via Making Light


Ampersand Duck said...

Folk singer Kristina Olsen, a wonderful singer and sassy as hell, has one of these and is not afraid to use it. When she tours she lets the audience know all about it and then sings a song about the things she does instead of watching tv, including listening to her housemates have sex in the next room.

boynton said...

Sounds great - (KO that is) shall look out for her.Thanks.
Yeah, the B gone seemed familiar, but I broke that blog rule of currency (as in - hot off the boing boings) over resonance (as in, a sudden epiphany of too much TV everywhere already)!

I used to have a small sign "Beware of The Television" sitting on my TV, as instructed by some unplug-it book I was reading at the time. Makes sense to me.